These paintings are from Corazonada, my exhibition of salsa paintings & drawings, which was first shown at Bar Latina, Tottenham, London in 2004. A selection were also shown at the Belgravia Gallery, Piccadilly, London in 2005.

The dancers I painted are mainly from the London salsa scene, but also include some dancers from Ireland, where I first learned salsa and made many friends. Corazonada is Spanish for an inspiration or impulse, and those I chose to paint have all inspired me personally, from the famous, such Susana Montero, Super Mario, and Solange Dias & Joseph Koniak, to the ordinary dancers who are my friends. What they all have in common is that they love salsa, they express themselves through dancing, and they listen & respond to the music. The true spirit of salsa is inclusiveness, embracing and expressing that fire inside all of us!

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