Catharine Kingcome

Catharine Kingcome is a professional painter whose work is in collections in England, Ireland, Germany & Japan. She is dedicated to reviving the true meaning of contemporary art i.e. work that is being produced now in whatever style each individual artist chooses to use to communicate their particular message.

Born in Bristol in 1956, she trained as a graphic designer at Bristol Polytechnic 1974-78 before working as a designer in London. In 1979 she returned to Bristol, and later moved to Devon where she painted and taught folk art. Then in 1988 she embarked on a fine art course at Exeter College of Art graduating with a BA Honors degree, and exhibited with the Brotherhood of Ruralists in 1991.

Irish traditional music & musicians became a major influence on her work in 1992, and she immersed herself  in the music, moving to Ireland in 1994, and produced three series of paintings shown as solo touring exhibitions in 1993, 1997 & 2000, each opening at the Kennedy Gallery, Dublin.

She moved to London in 2001 where she researched and produced a series of paintings on salsa dancers. A selection of these were shown at the Belgravia Gallery, Mayfair, London.

She is currently working on a series of paintings on a nightime theme, and is also planning a new series of narrative portraits of Irish musicians. She also accepts portrait commissions, for both paintings and  drawings. Full details are on the Commissions page.

She lives in Birmingham with her husband Howard.